Fall deadlines: Get more from your business
How women can confidently and successfully build an advisory practice 

How can women position themselves for long-term success with an advisory-centric business model? Thomson Reuters experts consulted with female-owned and operated firms to see firsthand how advisory services enable women to meet increasing client demands, boost revenue, and balance work with personal life.
Checklist: What to look for in tax software

Once you're ready to evaluate new tax software, what are some must-haves? Look for these 15 features, capabilities and customer services in a gold-standard tax software.
On-Demand Webcast: Fixed Fees and Value Based Pricing

Do your clients truly understand your value? Do you wonder how you monetize that “quick question” you often get from clients? In this informative webcast, senior product manager Will Hill reviews the nuts and bolts of strategically pricing your firm’s services, and the pros and cons of value-based pricing versus fixed-fee pricing.
3 ways technology improves your productivity

Ready to fill those gaps that caused you pain during tax season? Here’s what to look for, as you carefully choose the right tax software to “do more with less” for the next year.
Register for SYNERGY 2022!

Historic buildings, cherry trees in autumn, world-class museums: Check something off your bucket list in Washington, D.C! Plus, earn CPE credits as you move your practice into the future. Join us live or virtually at SYNERGY for Tax and Accounting Firms.

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August 18: Tax compliance for Bitcoin and virtual currencies

New virtual mediums present alternative methods to buying and saving, but how does it impact taxes? The IRS estimates 18-21 million taxpayers will need to consider crypto when filing their return. Join Thomson Reuters’ Shaun Hunley and Ledgible’s John Wandrisco for an expert discussion on navigating the compliance complexities of cryptocurrency.
August 24: Strategies for Retaining Top Talent

Another high-performing employee resigned? What will this mean for morale and workload? More importantly, why are staff leaving your firm? There is hope. Learn how to fight burnout and increase revenue with a more sustainable, value-based business model through Advisory services.
August 25: Remote Audit Best Practices 

Join us to get valuable insights on how to audit from anywhere and earn CPE!
Reprise by popular demand
August 30: Future of accounting: Trends to pay attention to

DIY tax, talent shortages, retirements: Are firms in need of a new business model? We want to hear from you. Join our interactive, webcast event to talk about success in the future of accounting.
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Save & work remotely, without sacrificing security
Would your work be more efficient if you could do it from anywhere? Learn how one firm saved $20,000 a year by moving to the cloud.

Gather electronic signatures on tax documents
Collecting hundreds of signatures from your clients can be a deadline challenge—or it can be simplest, quickest part of preparing returns.

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